Wednesday, December 24, 2008


122408-01 Aimee Before Haircut
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While we were in Arizona the boys got some much needed haircuts at Grandpa's barber.

Aimee made a significant change to her hairsytle. It turned out adorable!

122408-05 Aimee After

122208-03 Ryan gets haircut cute eyes

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Curt and Gennies 10th Anniversary cake

122008-02 Curt and Gennies 10th Anniversary cake
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The day we arrived in Arizona there was a little shin-dig at Curt and Gennies house for their 10th Anniversary. All that stuff was just as tasty as it looks!

Good time was had by all, including some American Idol shenanigans on the Wii.

122008-03 Curt and Gennies 10th Anniversary women in the kitchen

122008-04 Curt and Gennies 10th Anniversary my brothers

122008-06 Sailor and toys

122008-07 Ryan and Sailors toolbox

122008-08 Curt and Gennies 10th Anniversary men NOT in the kitchen

122008-09 Boys doing what they do best

122008-12 Curt and Gennies 10th Anniversary American Idol

Friday, December 19, 2008

On our way to Arizona

121908-03 Three year olds view out window in Texas
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This was a picture taken by Ryan on our way to Arizona. I believe this was taken in ther west of Texas. And then he fell asleep!

121908-04 The best kind of traveler

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December Boxes!

121708-01 Boxes have arrived
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Today our boxes from Doug and Donna Bates arrived! It's always a great family fun time finding all the goodies that have been carefully picked and sent with love!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


121608-21 Girls on sled
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This is actually accumulated sleet, not snow. But the kids managed to have snowlike fun with it anyway. AND it got them out of school for the day. So it had all the benefits of real snow.

Daddy made them a tobagon/sled thing out of an old ladder from some bunk beds and let them tow each other around with the lawn tractor! Included in these pictures are our neighbor's kids Dakota, Laura and Jackson.

121608-12 Ryan

121608-13 Snow play

121608-14 Snow play

121608-05 Aimee