Sunday, December 17, 2006

Yep, Ryan is still cute!

Daddy and Ryan 121706
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Here are a few pictures of Ryan that I took today. Quite a busy boy.

Ryan Plays Piano 121706

A boy after Uncle Charley's heart.

Ryan on Porch 121706

Ryan walking on rocks 121706

Ouch! Mom, do you think you could go get my shoes?.

Look what Uncle Walter brought us!

Dad and Kids Trampoline 121706
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Uncle Walter and Aunt Jodie came for a quick visit this weekend. They brought out a trampoline that mom and dad found on E-bay for $3.75.

We had fun with Walter and Jodie. We had a few nice meals at home. Cooked them some farm fresh eggs for breakfast with biscuits and some of my canned apple butter.

Robbie Ashlee and Aimee Trampoline 121706

Ashlee in Air Trampoline 121706

Aimee in Air Trampoline 121706

Rob Trampoline 121706

Nagging wife says, "Remember you are not as young as you were when you jumped on these at Ma and Pa's.

Rob Laying on Trampoline 121706

Vonavie is right again!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Bath Time!

Kids in Wash Stall 121506
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OK kids, Its bath time everybody into the wash stall. I'll get the hose!

Its has been so nice these past few days. Almost hit the 70's outside. Notice, no jackets!

What do you think the chances are it will stay this way through their upcoming two weeks at home with mommy? Not good huh? I'll probably have four muchkins helping me bake cookies and with other inside activities. Just think how clean they will get their rooms. Yeah right! Wake up mommy, your dreaming!

Stitch gets Attention!

I'm gonna get the Stick 121506
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Ashlee thinks, "I'm gonna get the stick from stitch."

Give me the Stick Stich 121506

"Come on Stitch, give me the stick..."

Ashlee Got the Stick 1 121506

"I got it!"

Ashlee Got the Stick 121506

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Robbie Rooster - Taken December 2006

Robbie Rooster 12-2006
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Here is Robbie Rooster and some of his "chicks". Pun intended. (We did not name the rooster after our son, he was already named when we got him - Just coincidence.)

The small chick is one of the surviving chicks that hatched back in September. She and two others survived Stitch's chicken buffet day. Stitch ate the mom and four of the babies. BAD DOG!

Chickens on Butt Rest 12-2006

Baby Chick Growing Up 12-2006

Midnight Winter Coat 2006

Midnight Winter Coat 2 12-2006
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Midnight has his winter coat. He is very fuzzy and soft. I did not know a horse could be so furry.

Midnight Winter Coat 12-2006

Diamond Snuggles Gorilla

Diamond Snuggles Gorilla 12-2006
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Diamond found a cozy gorilla to curl up with.

Ryan Reading - Taken 12-01-06

Ryan Reading 120106
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Ryan loves to sit and look at books. This one happens to be a sticker book.

Girls' Sleepover

Girl Pary 1200806
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The girls finally had their sleepover on Friday. All the girls had forgotten about it on the actual planned date the week prior. So I got to remake the doll cake. The purple and pink is the first verison. The orange is the second cake. The second one was requested to be yellow. But a mixup with the coloring had us deciding orange would be fine.

To moms delight the girls were all asleep by 11:00 p.m. Much better than the all-niter the boys pulled!

Doll Cake 120806

Girls Cake 120106

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Funny Story - Ashlee

OK, so no pic for this one, but funny kid antic to share...

We were riding along in the mini-van and the kids were watching an old mickey cartoon collection we bought from Costco sometime ago. The video talks about the history of Mickey Mouse etc. Ashlee says, "Mom, when you were a little girl was Mickey black and white?" I was appalled, you may as well have asked me if dinosaurs were alive when I was little!

Then I thought for a moment... In cartoons Mickey was color... But come to think of it... If I was watching Mickey on TV, it WAS black and white!!!! I'M OLD!

Aimee and Allie

This is Aimee with a friend, Allie at a bridal shower we went to on Sunday. We think Allie looks like she could be Aimee's little sister. Allie thinks Aimee is great!