Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stitch's Garden

Stitchs Garden 033107 web
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I didn't get a picture, but Rob said before we went out to plant. The cats were all laying around on his nice soft dirt. I said "Oh no, the cats are partying!"

Anyway, we planted some flowers for Stitch this morning just before it started to rain.

So I guess we aren't working in the garden today. We may have to break down and do some house work.

Friday, March 30, 2007

We lost our dog Stitch today.

Stitch was hit by a car last night or early this morning. The children are coping better than mommy and daddy surprisingly. He will be missed.

Stitch enjoying freedom 031007 web

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Aimee's Spring Picture

Aimee Mar 2007 School Pic 2
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I wish the same photography company did all the kids...

Anyway, we got Aimee's pictures back today. They did two different poses. My kids are so cute!!!

Aimee Mar 2007 School Pic

Friday, March 16, 2007

Kids Spring School Pictures

Ashlee Mar 2007 School Pic
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These are the proofs that we received today.

Robbie Mar 2007 School Pic

Ryan goes to School!

Ryan Look School 031407 web
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This is the "Your going to leave me here again aren't you?" look.

My cute Ryan has started school. His pediatrician referred us to The Learning Center because his speech development is behind quite a bit. It is most likely because he had ear infections almost constantly until he had tubes put in his ears in May 2006. He probably wasn't hearing well before that.

We have already seen an improvement in his talking since he started school and he has only been going for a week and a half.

His school is quite far. Daddy usually takes him in the morning because it is near where daddy often starts his day. Then he rides a bus back to Paragould in the afternoon. We don't pick him up from the bus until 5:15-5:30 p.m. so it is a long day for him.

Here is a picture of him blowing bubbles in his cereal bowl that Doug and Donna gave him and another picture of him at school.

Ryan Cereal Bubbles 2 031207 web

Ryan School 031407 web

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Working in the Yard

Working in the Yard 031007 web
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Rob tills the garden plot. Ashlee rakes out rocks and other misc. Robbie mows the far end of the pasture. A busy group!

Here are some pictures of our first day dedicated to our first garden.

Below are some more pictures of the day. Ryan turned two on Thursday and started a school program on Wednesday. He tested pretty low in his speech and development so he is going to a preschool program. He came home Friday with the stomach flu already. No Fun. I'll have to get some more pictures of Ryan on here soon!

Here are more pictures of the yard work today. Enjoy.

Stitch enjoying freedom 031007 web

Robbie Mowing 031007 web

Rob with Tiller 031007 web

Rob fixing Tiller 031007 web

Rob and Ashlee in the Yard 031007 web

Girls Play while Robbie Mows 031007 web

Girls Play Boys Work 031007 web

Ashlee in Garden 031007 web

Ashlee by Tree 031007 web

Ashlee by pole 031007 web

Aimee by Tree 031007 web

Aimee by Pole 031007 web

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Aimee and Kitties 030307

Aimee and Kitties 030307 web
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This morning Rascal and Diamond were snuggling each other. I had to take a picture! Aimee decided to get in the picture and Diamond decided to lick her too.

If you look at the top left corner, you will see Cinderella off lounging on her own. She is not a social kitty like the other two. But is getting more and more tollerant of them. In the past she would not even want to be in the same room as them unless it was feeding time.

Here is one more kitty picture.

Lover Kitties 2 030307 web

Poetry Day - Family 022807

Poetry Day - Family 022807
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Mommy, Daddy and Ryan went to Robbie's poetry day on Wednesday. It was really neat. Each of the kids in his class got up and sat on a stool and read three of the poems they had written. After each child we were to snap our fingers just like in a coffee house.

Then we had finger foods and coffee, cocoa and punch.

They dimmed the lights and had white light strands strung through out the room. It was well organized and some of the poetry was quite entertaining.

Many of them read their "I wish" poem. Most of them wished for horses or toys. One boy wished for "a mom that wasn't mean". Another little girl wished for "a new daddy". There was another poem about a Grandma (that had come to the program). So there were some teary moments as well.

Robbie had a nice poem about his sisters and the last line said "I have a little brother too".