Monday, August 17, 2009

Greene County Tech Open House

081709-02 Ryans open house

2009/2010 School Year begins!

Ryan found his name on the board outside his new classroom. He will start four year old preschool at Greene County Tech on Friday.

In Arkansas they have open house before school starts. You get to go meet the teacher before class even starts. But the real catch is... They make you buy so many school supplies, there is no way the poor kids could carry them all to school on the bus.

This is Ryan's first time in big kid school with his sibblings. So we are really excited.

081709-03 Ashlee open house

Ashlee will be starting the 4th Grade this year. Her teacher is Mrs. Thomas.

081709-04 Robbie open house

Robbie is in the 5th Grade this year. He is in Mrs. Cox's class.

081709-05 Aimee open house

Aimee is in 2nd Grade this year. She will be in Mrs. Craft's Class. This will be her last year at the Primary campus at GCT.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

081509 Girls Haircuts

081509 Girls Haircuts
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Ashlee and Aimee got their hair cut today and are now ready for the first day of school. They start on Wednesday! Ashlee is 9 and starting the fourth grade. Aimee is 7 and starting second grade.