Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 6 - A casual MK day

We went back and forth with our choice of parks for today. But Magic Kingdom won out because we had already done everything we wanted to do there and we could sleep in and get started whenever we were up to it.

I think we finally got out the door around 11 am. We started by going to the bus stop to MK but decided the line was too long and decided to take the car. As we got in the car the kids reminded us of some things they still wanted to do at Downtown Disney. So we headed there and started by having lunch at Wolf Gang Puck Express. This was by far our best counter service restaurant. We could have half the amount of food though!

Rob and I both ordered the bacon wrapped meatloaf and the kids got pizza.
The cheesecake was almost as good as the cheesecake I make. The crust was not as good as mine.

After lunch the girls and boys separated The girls did a little shopping. We found mismatch socks that we had to have for some ridiculous price.

Next we went to wait for the Phineas and Ferb experience thing to open. All the kids but Robbie did that.

On our way to the car the girls and I went to the crystal store to buy tiaras.

THEN we finally went to MK. But once we got there we decided to take the monorail that went to all the resorts and do a little exploring. By the time we got into the park it was 5 PM. We went and shared some counter service deluxe burgers from Pecos Bills. I stayed with the stroller to save spots for Main Street Electrical Parade and the rest of the family ran off and did some rides.

We enjoyed the parade with some of my online Disney planning friends and then spent the evening running around doing rides and watching fireworks with them and their girls that were close in age to our girls. When we did girly stuff like Enchanted Tales with Belle and the Little mermaid ride, Robbie and dad ran around and did some things they preferred. We all met up at the end of the night and closed down the park riding Space Mt a couple of times. The second ride, Ryan and I sat out and played air hockey instead and played a tie game.

Day 5 - Epcot

For some reason I didn't get as many pictures of Epcot. We spent the morning in Future World. We really got a kick out of Spaceship Earth. We of course love Soarin'. We had an early lunch at the seasons place in The Land Pavilion. We really like everything we got there. Yum.

In the afternoon, we had an early dinner at Teppan Edo. It was just OK if you ask me. The kids enjoyed watching the food be cooked. But I think our chef person was rather new and inexperienced. She didn't do a bunch of tricks or anything. Most of the kids took the safe route during dessert and ordered the soft serve. But Ashlee got brave and tried the Chocolate Ginger Cake as did I. It did not disappoint. Rob ordered the Green Tea pudding. It was similar to a flan with green tea flavor. Rob loved it. The rest of us tried his but none of us cared for it.

That night we explored the World Showcase and waited it out for Illuminations. Ryan fell asleep before Illuminations but woke up when all the fireworks started. Illuminations was alright but its hard to feel anything is spectacular once you've seen World of Color at California Adventure! We got caramel goodies and Kuche and some pastries in Norway that we ended up having for breakfast the next morning.

We were able to see just about everything at Epcot. We missed Ellen's Energy thing and Innoventions.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Date Night - Raglan Road Irish Pub

Last night Rob and I went out for some alone time. I had made a reservation for us at Raglan Road Irish Pub at the Pleasure Island area of Downtown Disney. We rode the bus over and got there right at our reservation time. DTD was crazy busy. But we got seated right away.

We looked over the menu carefully and decided to get an appetizer and split a meal in hopes of saving room for dessert.

First they bring out an Irish bread with a plate of EVOO and a sweet Giuiness reduction to dip it in. That was tasty and a good hint at the quality food to come.

Next our appetizer came. We ordered Scallop Forest. Battered and fried scallops with a citrus and a sweet chili dipping sauce. To this point these were the best food of the trip. Cooked for the exact right amount of time. And the presentation was fun. The people at the table next to us asked what it was.

For our main course we ordered "It's not Bleedin' Chowder". Evidently the chef that created the dish doesn't want it called a chowder. But that would be the easiest way to describe it. It had several types of shell fish and a creamy white wine soul to it. There was much more of the fish than some potato and the sauce and misc other stuff. It was good too. Although I thought the scallops and shrimp on this dish were a tad over cooked. And I mean a tad. If we hadn't just had the perfect scallops I may not have noticed.

To go with our not chowder we ordered a side of au gratin potatoes. Also deliscious.

With the meal we also each had two drinks. Rob ordered a double chocolate something or other beer and an Irish whiskey for me. The whiskey was very smooth. Robs beer was wonderful. I liked so much that I ordered one when Rob ordered his second.

That brings us to the decision on whether we could fit any dessert. The waitress brought the menu and Rob said I could pick. Well I could decide between the bread pudding that said in the description it was like no other and you have to order it or the "chefs gift to America" chocolate offering that said it was chocolate with chocolate add some more chocolate. So we got both!

When they arrived I was so thankful that we did not decide to forego the dessert! The bread pudding was AMAZING!! But alas we were stuffed to the gills. So we packed it up to go and as of this writing I'm thinking about getting it out for breakfast!

Oh we did eat the chocolate stuff. It was quite good but had a curious addition of a layer of oat on the bottom. I didn't care for the added texture. It was otherwise a yummy chocolate goodness. If you are a chocolate lover you would enjoy it.

The entertainment was also perfect for the atmosphere. Live Irish music and dancers.

Bonus to date night, we came home to four sleeping children. :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I've lost count? Day 4?

This morning we slept in a bit and went to Cape May Cafe for an awesome breakfast with Donald, Goofy and Minnie. We explored the Beach Club and Yacht Club Resorts a little. I would love to stay at the Beach Club someday.

The kids were really itching to go in the pool so we headed back to AoA and got in the Cozy Cone pool. The Cozy Conr pool was nice. But we wanted to be where the action was. So we headed to the blur pool before too long. The girls have been getting in on the kids poolside activities.

Rob and I are enjoying some lounges in the shade while waiting for our laundry. We needed a day like this!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 3 - more Magic Kingdom

After checking into our hotel here onsite we headed to MK again. We rode Space Mt 2x and Buzz in the morning. The girls did some dancing in Tomorrowland. We saw Bear Country jamboree, we've really missed it since they took it out at Dland.

We rested in the afternoon and then had an ADR for Crystal Palace for dinner. After dinner we hit some more of the rides we hadn't been on Anderson Minnie and Daisy. We rode the train

Day 3 - Checked in to AoA

This morning we got up bright and early and checked in for our on-site portion of our stay. We picked up our KTTW at about 7 am. They would text us when our room was ready. So off to the park we went. We got to the park just before the opening ceremonies and had an obstructed view. It was quite busy.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

That didn't last long.

It wasn't warm enough so we weren't there long. Some of the kids hopped in the hot tub. But it was too hot for some. So we came back to the room where we control the temp. :)

65 degrees, but I get to put my aching feet up!

We came back to our hotel, put a load of laundry in and came to the pool. It's shady and cool. But I get a drink and some rest. So yup, the kids get to check out the pirate pool!

Day 2 - Animal Kingdom

We are having a good day at AK. Was pretty crowded this morning, but we have been working the fast pass system and have not waiting much at all. We are going to try and see the Festival of the Lion King and then head back to the hotel for a quick swim and relaxation. Tomorrow is another really long day.

Wonderful 1st Day at WDW!

We originally planned to just go to Downtown Disney and explore the Disney property. But when we arrived so early we couldn't help ourselves. We had to go to Magic Kingdom.

First we did go to DTD and had lunch at Earl of Sandwich. My food was OK but I think I must have built up my expectations too high. I wasn't blown away. The kids really enjoyed their pizza sandwiches and did feel we should go back some time.

We poked around at DTD a little.

Then we drove over to MK. Here is all we did. 1. POTC wait was about 30 mins. 2. Got FP for BTMRR. 3. Hall of Pres, 4. HM wait was about 30 mins with going through the cemetery. 5. Got Splash FP. Somewhere in there we watched the Dreams Come True parade and ate. 6. Rode BTMRR and Splash w FPs. 7. We did tiki room. 8. After all that we headed to tomorrow land. 9. We grabbed fast passes for buzz light-year 10. Did laugh floor. 11 rode buzz w FP 12 rode people mover 5 min wait max 13 Did Stitch's Great Escape 14 The kids and dad rode the tomorrowland speedway very little wait. 15. Kids rode Dumbo, walked on,16. Found the New FL area and walked on LM ride. 17 had pastries at Gastons tavern. 18 rode IASW walked on 19 kids rode PP Flight very short line. 20 caught MSE Parade on the way out.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Exploring Downtown Disney

TRex "The Paleo Zone"

Build a Dino


The kids decided it would be fun to get some homework done on the balcony. Who thinks they will be chasing papers through the parking lot? It's a little breezy.

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Arrival and Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa Review

Room was ready at 8:45am. 2BD/2BA Full Kitchen w/ washer and dryer. Paid $104/nt on Travelocity secret deals.

Master bedroom, even got towel animals. :)

Master bath, look at that tub!!!

Living Room, sofa bed

2nd bedroom, two twin beds

2nd bath

Only complaints so far is some dust on ceiling fans. But I have that at home. ;)