Sunday, November 25, 2012

Date Night - Raglan Road Irish Pub

Last night Rob and I went out for some alone time. I had made a reservation for us at Raglan Road Irish Pub at the Pleasure Island area of Downtown Disney. We rode the bus over and got there right at our reservation time. DTD was crazy busy. But we got seated right away.

We looked over the menu carefully and decided to get an appetizer and split a meal in hopes of saving room for dessert.

First they bring out an Irish bread with a plate of EVOO and a sweet Giuiness reduction to dip it in. That was tasty and a good hint at the quality food to come.

Next our appetizer came. We ordered Scallop Forest. Battered and fried scallops with a citrus and a sweet chili dipping sauce. To this point these were the best food of the trip. Cooked for the exact right amount of time. And the presentation was fun. The people at the table next to us asked what it was.

For our main course we ordered "It's not Bleedin' Chowder". Evidently the chef that created the dish doesn't want it called a chowder. But that would be the easiest way to describe it. It had several types of shell fish and a creamy white wine soul to it. There was much more of the fish than some potato and the sauce and misc other stuff. It was good too. Although I thought the scallops and shrimp on this dish were a tad over cooked. And I mean a tad. If we hadn't just had the perfect scallops I may not have noticed.

To go with our not chowder we ordered a side of au gratin potatoes. Also deliscious.

With the meal we also each had two drinks. Rob ordered a double chocolate something or other beer and an Irish whiskey for me. The whiskey was very smooth. Robs beer was wonderful. I liked so much that I ordered one when Rob ordered his second.

That brings us to the decision on whether we could fit any dessert. The waitress brought the menu and Rob said I could pick. Well I could decide between the bread pudding that said in the description it was like no other and you have to order it or the "chefs gift to America" chocolate offering that said it was chocolate with chocolate add some more chocolate. So we got both!

When they arrived I was so thankful that we did not decide to forego the dessert! The bread pudding was AMAZING!! But alas we were stuffed to the gills. So we packed it up to go and as of this writing I'm thinking about getting it out for breakfast!

Oh we did eat the chocolate stuff. It was quite good but had a curious addition of a layer of oat on the bottom. I didn't care for the added texture. It was otherwise a yummy chocolate goodness. If you are a chocolate lover you would enjoy it.

The entertainment was also perfect for the atmosphere. Live Irish music and dancers.

Bonus to date night, we came home to four sleeping children. :)

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