Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 5 - Epcot

For some reason I didn't get as many pictures of Epcot. We spent the morning in Future World. We really got a kick out of Spaceship Earth. We of course love Soarin'. We had an early lunch at the seasons place in The Land Pavilion. We really like everything we got there. Yum.

In the afternoon, we had an early dinner at Teppan Edo. It was just OK if you ask me. The kids enjoyed watching the food be cooked. But I think our chef person was rather new and inexperienced. She didn't do a bunch of tricks or anything. Most of the kids took the safe route during dessert and ordered the soft serve. But Ashlee got brave and tried the Chocolate Ginger Cake as did I. It did not disappoint. Rob ordered the Green Tea pudding. It was similar to a flan with green tea flavor. Rob loved it. The rest of us tried his but none of us cared for it.

That night we explored the World Showcase and waited it out for Illuminations. Ryan fell asleep before Illuminations but woke up when all the fireworks started. Illuminations was alright but its hard to feel anything is spectacular once you've seen World of Color at California Adventure! We got caramel goodies and Kuche and some pastries in Norway that we ended up having for breakfast the next morning.

We were able to see just about everything at Epcot. We missed Ellen's Energy thing and Innoventions.

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