Monday, May 28, 2007

Guess what we got for our 10 Year Anniversary?

Diamonds Babies It Begins 052807
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Diamond had five kittens!

We set up a nice secluded area for her in one of our bathrooms. When she started showing the signs of labor we made sure she was there. Well, she did NOT want to have her babies in a secluded area. She insisted on sitting with Rob. Rob set her on a paper sack and towel next to him and pet her. She was quite content. We were watching a video and she was resting. Then she started being quite interested in THAT area. Before I could get the laundry basket fixed up for her she had the first one. A little black bundle. (Actually it was bigger than we expected.)

Diamonds Babies No 1 052807
And she missed the towel and paper. Good thing I had lysol and an old couch!

Diamonds Babies No 2 052807
Her second was a little tabby. Notice she was moved to the basket!

Diamonds Babies No 3 052807
Her third was a Grey one. (You can't really make her out too well, but mommy is licking her.) The fourth and fifth were a calico and then a little buff colored one.

Diamonds Babies Kids React 052807
The fifth one got stuck in the birth canal. Daddy had to assist. The kids were worried. Mom ended up holding Diamond while Daddy delivered the baby. We weren't sure the baby would make it. Daddy ended up doing a little CPR on the kitten. She/He seems to be doing fine now.

Here are some pictures of Diamond all done and resting. They've since been relocated to the secluded area in the bathroom. Diamond is proving to be quite a nice mommy. She had some practice when we took in Rascal last year. She would clean her and care for her.

Diamonds Babies All Tuckered out 052807

Diamonds Babies All Tuckered out 2 052807

Exciting day for us on our 10th Anniversary. Not exactly what I had in mind...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Robbie Makes Honor Roll

Robbie Honor Roll 052307
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Robbie made all A's with one B in English. I actually disagree with the B grade, but I'm not the teacher. He received a D on two papers because he only wrote the correct action verb and did not underline it in the sentence. He had all the answers correct, but didn't follow all directions. So he knows his English. He has all A's in my book!

Here is Robbie's class with their certificates for Principals List, Honor Roll or Completion.

Robbies class 052307

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ashlee Makes Principals List

Ashlee Principals List 052207
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Ashlee received all A's in 1st Grade. We are so proud of her.

Below is a picture of Ashlee and her 1st Grade teacher Mrs. Bayird.


Monday, May 21, 2007

10th Anniversary Early - Nashville

10th Anniv Loveless Rob and Von Daytime 051907 web
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Rob and I had our first night away with no kids in a very long time this weekend. I picked Rob up at the Nashville airport. We checked into our hotel. OK it was really a motel, but it was recently remodelled and quite nice.

Then we went to the Loveless Cafe outside of Nashville. Absolutely worth the little bit of drive. Rob had the fried chicken, greens and fried okra. I had the pulled pork on corn hoe cakes with homemade creamed corn and carmel sweet potatoes. Fantastic food! And not bad prices either. If you do make it to Nashville and decide to go there, be ready for a 45 minute wait for a table. They have several shops in their "motel" area to keep you occupied until your pager goes off for your table.

Next we went to downtown Nashville and walked around. We danced at the Wild Horse Saloon and had a line dancing lesson. We also walked by the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Music City Walk of Fame.

On Sunday we got up and drove down to Lynchburg and toured the Jack Daniel's Distillery. That was very enjoyable and the drive was beautiful too. Side note, if you want to buy a commemorative bottle of Jack while you are there, don't go on a Sunday. We had lunch at a BBQ place in town. The food was decent and prices were very reasonable.

We had a great time. Here are pictures.

10th Anniv Country Music Hall of Fame Sign 051907 web

10th Anniv Country Music Hall of Fame 051907 web

10th Anniv Country Music Walk of Fame Wynonna  051907 web

10th Anniv Wild Horse Rob 051907 web

10th Anniv Jack Daniels with Rob and Von 052007 web

10th Anniv Jack Daniels Visitor Center Rob 052007 web

10th Anniv Jack Daniels Visitor Center Von Rocking Chair 052007 web

10th Anniv Jack Daniels Visitor Center Rob Rocking Chair 052007 web

10th Anniv Jack Daniels Oldest Building office 052007 web
This is the only building standing that was on the property in Jack Daniels Day. There is a safe in this office building that Jack kicked when he couldn't get it opened. This would end up being the death of him. He ended up with gangreen (sp?) in they leg that he injured. In our day today, they probably would have realized he had diabetes problems.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Aimee Graduated from Preschool Today

Aimee with Mrs Amy Preschool Grad 051807 web
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Aimee's graduation had a Hawaiian Theme. The kids sang and danced to some cute songs. There last "number" was Surfin' USA. It was the most entertaining Preschool Graduation I've been to yet.

The picture above is Aimee with her teacher, Mrs. Amy.

Aimee with Mrs April Preschool Grad 051807 web
Aimee with Mrs. April

Aimee Proud Preschool Grad 051807 web
A proud Graduate!
Aimee Preschool Grad 051807 web

Aimee with Hannah Preschool Grad 051807 web
Aimee with Hannah

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Greene County Tech Field Day

GCT Field Day Aimee Big Playground 051707 web
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Much fun was had by all...

GCT Field Day Robbie 051707 web

GCT Field Day Ashlee and Girlfriends and Cameron 051707 web

There are a ton more pictures of field day, but I'm just too tired to copy the code for all of them to the blog. You can see them by clicking on any of the above pictures and then browsing our photos on

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Robbie's 2nd Grade Luau

Luau 2nd Grade Jacob Stephan Bailey Robbie Kaitlin M Ramon Elizabeth 051607 web
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Here are pictures of Robbie's party at school today. Everything ran smoothly. The weather was beautiful.

This picture is Jacob, Stephan, Bailey, Robbie (My BOY), Kaitlin McDaniel, Ramon and Elizabeth.

Luau 2nd Grade Jacob Robbie Chase 051607 web
Jacob, Robbie and Chase

Luau 2nd Grade Hula Hoop Robbie 051607 web
See they did more than sit on the curb all day...
Luau 2nd Grade Hula Hoop Jacob 051607 web

Luau 2nd Grade Gage Jacob 051607 web
Gage and Jacob

Luau 2nd Grade Elizabeth Alex J Alex U 051607 web
Elizabeth, Alex J and Alex U

Luau 2nd Grade Chase Ball Megan Mc 051607 web
Megan M. was NOT the only child to chase the ball during the ball races. A little breeze really carried the beach balls. But I must say, Robbie's Class (Mrs. Hollands) stomped on Mrs. Crafts class in these races!
Luau 2nd Grade Ball Races Hunter 051607 web

Luau 2nd Grade Chase 051607 web
Chase (He likes to eat Lunch with us whenever I have lunch with Robbie.) By the way, Robbie wanted me to eat in the school cafeteria. Today was Pizza day. Hmmm... Pizza HUH? OK If you say so...

Luau 2nd Grade Brittany Micah 051607 web
Micah (Brittany in background.)

Monday, May 07, 2007

First Grade Field Trip

Ashlee and Autumn Field Trip Porch Swing 050707 web
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Today we went to a hands-on museum in Malden, MO with the First Graders from Greene County Tech.

This picture is of Ashlee and Autumn (a girl in Ashlee's class) sitting on the porch swing of a little playhouse at the museum. It was two story with a slide out the back.

Autumn Field Trip Playhouse 050707 web
Autumn in the upstairs window.

Ashlee Field Trip Playhouse 050707 web
Ashlee in the upstairs window.

Ashlee and Autumn Field Trip Shopping 2 050707 web
The girls in the "market".
Ashlee and Autumn Field Trip Checkout 050707 web

Ashlee and Autumn Field Trip Lewis and Clark 050707 web
Lewis and Clark Exhibit

Ashlee and Autumn Field Trip Xray 050707 web
The Doctor's Office

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mower Races

Mower Racing Ashlee and Dad 050707 web
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Saturday the mowing got a little out of hand! The kids and dad were having a blast!

Mower Racing 050707 web

Mower Racing 3 050707 web

Mower Racing 2 050707 web