Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Robbie's 2nd Grade Luau

Luau 2nd Grade Jacob Stephan Bailey Robbie Kaitlin M Ramon Elizabeth 051607 web
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Here are pictures of Robbie's party at school today. Everything ran smoothly. The weather was beautiful.

This picture is Jacob, Stephan, Bailey, Robbie (My BOY), Kaitlin McDaniel, Ramon and Elizabeth.

Luau 2nd Grade Jacob Robbie Chase 051607 web
Jacob, Robbie and Chase

Luau 2nd Grade Hula Hoop Robbie 051607 web
See they did more than sit on the curb all day...
Luau 2nd Grade Hula Hoop Jacob 051607 web

Luau 2nd Grade Gage Jacob 051607 web
Gage and Jacob

Luau 2nd Grade Elizabeth Alex J Alex U 051607 web
Elizabeth, Alex J and Alex U

Luau 2nd Grade Chase Ball Megan Mc 051607 web
Megan M. was NOT the only child to chase the ball during the ball races. A little breeze really carried the beach balls. But I must say, Robbie's Class (Mrs. Hollands) stomped on Mrs. Crafts class in these races!
Luau 2nd Grade Ball Races Hunter 051607 web

Luau 2nd Grade Chase 051607 web
Chase (He likes to eat Lunch with us whenever I have lunch with Robbie.) By the way, Robbie wanted me to eat in the school cafeteria. Today was Pizza day. Hmmm... Pizza HUH? OK If you say so...

Luau 2nd Grade Brittany Micah 051607 web
Micah (Brittany in background.)

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