Monday, May 28, 2007

Guess what we got for our 10 Year Anniversary?

Diamonds Babies It Begins 052807
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Diamond had five kittens!

We set up a nice secluded area for her in one of our bathrooms. When she started showing the signs of labor we made sure she was there. Well, she did NOT want to have her babies in a secluded area. She insisted on sitting with Rob. Rob set her on a paper sack and towel next to him and pet her. She was quite content. We were watching a video and she was resting. Then she started being quite interested in THAT area. Before I could get the laundry basket fixed up for her she had the first one. A little black bundle. (Actually it was bigger than we expected.)

Diamonds Babies No 1 052807
And she missed the towel and paper. Good thing I had lysol and an old couch!

Diamonds Babies No 2 052807
Her second was a little tabby. Notice she was moved to the basket!

Diamonds Babies No 3 052807
Her third was a Grey one. (You can't really make her out too well, but mommy is licking her.) The fourth and fifth were a calico and then a little buff colored one.

Diamonds Babies Kids React 052807
The fifth one got stuck in the birth canal. Daddy had to assist. The kids were worried. Mom ended up holding Diamond while Daddy delivered the baby. We weren't sure the baby would make it. Daddy ended up doing a little CPR on the kitten. She/He seems to be doing fine now.

Here are some pictures of Diamond all done and resting. They've since been relocated to the secluded area in the bathroom. Diamond is proving to be quite a nice mommy. She had some practice when we took in Rascal last year. She would clean her and care for her.

Diamonds Babies All Tuckered out 052807

Diamonds Babies All Tuckered out 2 052807

Exciting day for us on our 10th Anniversary. Not exactly what I had in mind...

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