Wednesday, December 24, 2008


122408-01 Aimee Before Haircut
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While we were in Arizona the boys got some much needed haircuts at Grandpa's barber.

Aimee made a significant change to her hairsytle. It turned out adorable!

122408-05 Aimee After

122208-03 Ryan gets haircut cute eyes

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Curt and Gennies 10th Anniversary cake

122008-02 Curt and Gennies 10th Anniversary cake
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The day we arrived in Arizona there was a little shin-dig at Curt and Gennies house for their 10th Anniversary. All that stuff was just as tasty as it looks!

Good time was had by all, including some American Idol shenanigans on the Wii.

122008-03 Curt and Gennies 10th Anniversary women in the kitchen

122008-04 Curt and Gennies 10th Anniversary my brothers

122008-06 Sailor and toys

122008-07 Ryan and Sailors toolbox

122008-08 Curt and Gennies 10th Anniversary men NOT in the kitchen

122008-09 Boys doing what they do best

122008-12 Curt and Gennies 10th Anniversary American Idol

Friday, December 19, 2008

On our way to Arizona

121908-03 Three year olds view out window in Texas
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This was a picture taken by Ryan on our way to Arizona. I believe this was taken in ther west of Texas. And then he fell asleep!

121908-04 The best kind of traveler

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December Boxes!

121708-01 Boxes have arrived
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Today our boxes from Doug and Donna Bates arrived! It's always a great family fun time finding all the goodies that have been carefully picked and sent with love!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


121608-21 Girls on sled
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This is actually accumulated sleet, not snow. But the kids managed to have snowlike fun with it anyway. AND it got them out of school for the day. So it had all the benefits of real snow.

Daddy made them a tobagon/sled thing out of an old ladder from some bunk beds and let them tow each other around with the lawn tractor! Included in these pictures are our neighbor's kids Dakota, Laura and Jackson.

121608-12 Ryan

121608-13 Snow play

121608-14 Snow play

121608-05 Aimee

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cupcake fun

113008-01 Cupcake fun
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Aimee had been wanting me to make all different colors of icing for her to play with for a long time. I finally broke down and made a box of lemon cupcakes and we frosted them with all different colors.

Friday, November 28, 2008

New Scarves and Hats from Great Grandma

112808-17 Girls in Scarves and Hats Model
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Not only are Grandma and Grandpa visiting this week, but we also received these beautiful handmade items from Great-Grandma Eva! You can't tell from the pictures, but the girls' are sparkly.

112808-15 Robbie in Scarf and Hat

112808-16 Ryan in Scarf and Hat

Parkin Archealogical State Park - Arkansas

112808-03 Grandma Robbie and Aimee play in school
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While Grandma and Grandpa were visiting we took a drive with Grandma and took her to Parkin, Arkansas. When we arrived there was a park ranger giving a presentation at the old restored school house. Then we got to play with some of the old time toys.

This state park was the site of an Indian community that was discovered only recently (1960's I believe). The Indian community was here in the time of the explorer DeSoto.

For many years this site was home to a saw mill operation. This old school educated the workers children. So most of the children that attended this school were extremely poor and most of them were African American.

When we were done visiting the old school house, we went over to the visitor center and watched the film about the history of this site. The kids then had an opportunity to play with some artifact replicas with another great ranger.

112808-07 Robbie suited up

112808-04 Aimee the conquistador

112808-01 Ashlee Dunce

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pecan Picking

112208-16 Dad and girls pecan picking
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Today we went to the neighbor's house to pick pecans. I have pneumonia so these pictures are taken from the van.

112208-14 Ryan

112208-10 Ashlee missing teeth and pecan picking

112208-09 Robbie pecan picking

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Aimee's Photoshoot by Ryan

111508-06 Aimee close up
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The really neat thing about these pictures not only is the posing subject, but that our three year old Ryan took all of these pictures! He is quite the photographer. And what a lovely subject!

111508-05 Aimee

111508-04 Aimee cute pose

Friday, November 14, 2008

2008 Fall School Pictures

Here are the kids school photos for this year.

Robbie 4th Grade Picture
Robbie - 4th Grade

Ashlee 3rd Grade Picture
Ashlee - 3rd Grade

Aimee 1st Grade Picture
Aimee - 1st Grade

Friday, November 07, 2008

1st Grade Fantastic Friday

110708-04 Happy Cheery Aimee
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Aimee's class had a program today. We received a note home saying that she would be an ant in the program. She could be a red or black ant, but we needed to come up with some kind of simple costume. I of course forgot until the day before. But we managed. What I thought was neat was that although the ants were given freedom to choose red or black they ended up with exactly four black and four red ants.

The program was super cute. It was about who took the cookies. The went through the song several times, each time accusing a different animal. It ended up being the ants that took those cookies! And guess who brought home a big cookie off the wall as a souvenier - my little ant.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

3rd Grade Family Farm Day

101108-04 Farm Day Ashlee at a corn machine
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Today, just a day after the 1st grade and two days after the 4th grade field trips, was Ashlee's classes Family Farm Day. Her teacher grew up on this farm. They had a ton of activities planned. I encourage you to click on the picture above to see lot more pictures. There was kettle corn, pony rides, face painting, cow milking, hay ride, bon fire, marshmallow roasting, walk through the creek, sheep wrangling, go home wet and muddy... Lots and lots of fun!

In fact, Robbie wasn't thrilled about going. He said when we leaving to go there that he'd rather stay home if we'd let him. But guess who was the last one in the car when it was time to go home!

But mom was TIRED! Three days in a row of field trips, whew!

Friday, October 10, 2008

1st Grade Field Trip - Career Week

101008-07 Aimee silkscreens her shirt
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Today was 1st Grade Field Trip. Yes just one day after 4th grade field trip. Mommy is going to be tired!

It was a fun day. They went to the hospital, the fire station and a company that makes marketing materials. They showed the kids how shirts were silkscreened and then each one got to silkscreen their own shirt to take home. That was a hit with the kids!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

4th Grade Field Trip - Parker Pioneer Homestead

100908-01 Sorghum Tasting Robbie
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Today was the 4th grade field trip to Parker Pioneer Homestead. It was one of my favorite of the kids field trips. There were people dressed in the clothing of the time period and giving demonstrations on how things were done on the homestead many years ago.

Above is a picture of Robbie after tasting some Sorghum Molasses after watching how it was made. If you click on that picture you can see more pictures of the day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Toothless Girl

092408 Ashlee toothless
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Ashlee pulled out her other top tooth today at school! Isn't she so cute! My big girl.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Preschool Field Trip to the Fair

091908-01 kids at fair
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Today was Ryan's field trip to the district fair. Since the big kids were out for parent teacher conference day they got to go along on his field trip.

Click on the photo to go to flickr and see more pics from the trip.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Doghouse Building

OK, so after 11 years I decided Rob needed a respectable dog house to actually go to... Not really. We worked on dog houses for our three adorable mutts. We decided the design that we were using was too small for O and he will need a larger house. But we got the girls' houses done this weekend.

091308-01 Vonavie and Rob build together
Drawing the pieces on the board.

091308-02 Ashlee and wood
Unbuilt doghouse.

091308-03 Rob building

091308-04 Rob building
Starting to look like a doghouse...

091308-05 Rob roofing
The final step, a roof! Not to be confused with a WOOF! (Corny!)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Mini Vacation

We went to visit my Aunt Dana and Uncle John in Cape Fair Missouri. They live right near the lake. We went on their new pontoon boat on Sunday. It was a blast! Dana also took the kids and I to the Roaring River State Park. We enjoyed it so much, we took Rob back to see it on Monday morning before we drove home. I was so excited to have taken 157 pictures of our trip. But then I was disapointed when I got home and most of them were too blurry or hazy to use. I looked and my camera lens was horribly dirty! UGH! I salvaged what I could for memories sake.

090108-06 Trout Farm Fuzzy Family

Here is a link to the whole set of pictures from the trip.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Girls' Room Remodel

Girls' Room
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Long story short we have decided to do a complete remodel of the girls bedroom. This picture was actually taken in March of 2006 before we moved in. But other than having a bunch of little girls clothes and beds and other paraphenalia in it, it still looked the same upon start of the project.

The below pictures were taken today before demolition of their closet and built-in shelf area. The closet is dark and small and icky. The built-in shelf area is oddly deep and in disrepair. Inside that whole mess also sits an old chimeny that the insurance adjuster requested be removed. It is unusable and dangerous. So the chimney will be coming down soon.

082308-02 Ashlee in closet before demo

082308-03 One small rod before demo

082308-04 Shelves before demo

082308-05 Closet end of room before demo

082308-06 sunken area with drywall

082308-07 closet demo

082308-07 closet demo 2

082308-08 chimney