Saturday, August 23, 2008

Girls' Room Remodel

Girls' Room
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Long story short we have decided to do a complete remodel of the girls bedroom. This picture was actually taken in March of 2006 before we moved in. But other than having a bunch of little girls clothes and beds and other paraphenalia in it, it still looked the same upon start of the project.

The below pictures were taken today before demolition of their closet and built-in shelf area. The closet is dark and small and icky. The built-in shelf area is oddly deep and in disrepair. Inside that whole mess also sits an old chimeny that the insurance adjuster requested be removed. It is unusable and dangerous. So the chimney will be coming down soon.

082308-02 Ashlee in closet before demo

082308-03 One small rod before demo

082308-04 Shelves before demo

082308-05 Closet end of room before demo

082308-06 sunken area with drywall

082308-07 closet demo

082308-07 closet demo 2

082308-08 chimney

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