Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

It was off to school again for the kids today. The plan was for them to ride the bus to school and I would meet them and take some pictures. I asked each of them if they wanted me to come to their class. Robbie decline the offer. I guess in fourth grade a boy is just too old for a visit from his doting mother. (Is that how doting is spelled?)

So they climbed on the bus and off I went to the school. I went and took Ashlee's pictures. Then while I was leaving I glanced down the fourth grade hall and saw Robbie walking toward me. So I waved unenthusiastically and kept walking out of sight. Then I paused. I thought if he was walking to the cafeteria for breakfast I catch one more glimpse and small wave. It was a good thing I had stopped and was there for him. He said, "Mom, can you help me find my class? I can't remember which one it is." HE NEEDS ME! HE NEEDS ME! So I put my arm around him and started to walk with him down the fourth grade hall. Oops, mom's are not supposed to touch fourth graders! He shrugged me off. I asked if since I walked him to his class that meant I could take a photo. "NO!" So I just pointed out his room and was on my way like a good mother.

Here is the obligatory first day of school porch picture. You'll notice my children are not as happy looking on the first day as they once were. Click on the photo to go to our flickr page with more photos.

081808-01 First Day of School on Porch

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