Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wonderful 1st Day at WDW!

We originally planned to just go to Downtown Disney and explore the Disney property. But when we arrived so early we couldn't help ourselves. We had to go to Magic Kingdom.

First we did go to DTD and had lunch at Earl of Sandwich. My food was OK but I think I must have built up my expectations too high. I wasn't blown away. The kids really enjoyed their pizza sandwiches and did feel we should go back some time.

We poked around at DTD a little.

Then we drove over to MK. Here is all we did. 1. POTC wait was about 30 mins. 2. Got FP for BTMRR. 3. Hall of Pres, 4. HM wait was about 30 mins with going through the cemetery. 5. Got Splash FP. Somewhere in there we watched the Dreams Come True parade and ate. 6. Rode BTMRR and Splash w FPs. 7. We did tiki room. 8. After all that we headed to tomorrow land. 9. We grabbed fast passes for buzz light-year 10. Did laugh floor. 11 rode buzz w FP 12 rode people mover 5 min wait max 13 Did Stitch's Great Escape 14 The kids and dad rode the tomorrowland speedway very little wait. 15. Kids rode Dumbo, walked on,16. Found the New FL area and walked on LM ride. 17 had pastries at Gastons tavern. 18 rode IASW walked on 19 kids rode PP Flight very short line. 20 caught MSE Parade on the way out.

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