Saturday, March 03, 2007

Poetry Day - Family 022807

Poetry Day - Family 022807
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Mommy, Daddy and Ryan went to Robbie's poetry day on Wednesday. It was really neat. Each of the kids in his class got up and sat on a stool and read three of the poems they had written. After each child we were to snap our fingers just like in a coffee house.

Then we had finger foods and coffee, cocoa and punch.

They dimmed the lights and had white light strands strung through out the room. It was well organized and some of the poetry was quite entertaining.

Many of them read their "I wish" poem. Most of them wished for horses or toys. One boy wished for "a mom that wasn't mean". Another little girl wished for "a new daddy". There was another poem about a Grandma (that had come to the program). So there were some teary moments as well.

Robbie had a nice poem about his sisters and the last line said "I have a little brother too".

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