Sunday, December 17, 2006

Look what Uncle Walter brought us!

Dad and Kids Trampoline 121706
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Uncle Walter and Aunt Jodie came for a quick visit this weekend. They brought out a trampoline that mom and dad found on E-bay for $3.75.

We had fun with Walter and Jodie. We had a few nice meals at home. Cooked them some farm fresh eggs for breakfast with biscuits and some of my canned apple butter.

Robbie Ashlee and Aimee Trampoline 121706

Ashlee in Air Trampoline 121706

Aimee in Air Trampoline 121706

Rob Trampoline 121706

Nagging wife says, "Remember you are not as young as you were when you jumped on these at Ma and Pa's.

Rob Laying on Trampoline 121706

Vonavie is right again!

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