Friday, April 20, 2007

Honey and Her Friend

Honey and Blacky 2 041907 web
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The kids call this cat "Blacky". He is an outdoor cat that has adopted our family. He and Honey love to play together. When he is done playing he lets Honey know in no uncertain terms!

Honey is turning out to be a very good learner. She has very few accidents. We are starting to let her be in the main part of the house more and more.

Honey is already learning several puppy commands, like "CRATE", "SIT", "COME" (Although she still needs to be close to you or in the mood for this one. She seems to be going through a little "phase" because at first she was quite able to "COME"!)

Sometimes she rides in the car for short rides, like to meet Ryans bus.

Good Puppy!

Here are some more pictures from today...

Honey and Blacky 3 041907 web

Honey and Blacky 4 041907 web

Honey and Blacky 041907 web

Honey Outside 041907 web

Honey Plays Outside 041907 web

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