Thursday, April 05, 2007

Meet Honey!

New Pup 040507 web
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We have a new addition to the family. She will be sleeping in a crate indoors. We have learned our lesson about living on a highway and having a dog the very hardest way possible.

Honey is a doll, but the animal control that we got her from wasn't sure what her breed was. But I'm sure no matter what she will be loved. Her paws are pretty small so I don't think she'll be real big.

So now I will be reading up on training! Its been so long since I've trained a puppy. In fact I've never had one this small... But she is already asleep in her crate. She slept under a seat in the van on the way home. So I could tell she was going to "den" nicely. When we got home we let her run around the yard a bit and she did both types of business and we praised her tons. Then we brought her in and let her roam the house just a little.

The kids then took her back outside and she chased them and chased them and had a ball while I was tending chickens and the horse.

She is a real snuggler so far and very quiet. She barked at one of the cats once it was quite cute.

Robbie and Pup 040507 web

Aimee and Pup 040507 web

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What a cute face!