Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Summer Vacation - Arizona

On Sunday, June 28th, (after arriving at 4:30 a.m. and getting some much needed sleep) we visited with some of our old neighbors. We saw Erik and Nikki Reemtsma and their girls, Emilie and Jacqui (I'm sure I slaughtered the spelling of their names.). We also saw, Marshal Tienken and his girls, Jessica, Kayla, and Amanda. Rob also walked up and saw Paul Aesch while I stayed and chatted with Nikki and let the kids play. Again, I didn't get the camera out. I must be better about this next year!

When we finished there, we met my parents and Curtis' family for dinner at our kids favorite restuarant... Red Lobster. I'm not kidding. Ask them if they'd rather go to McDonalds, Chuck-e-Cheese, or Red Lobster and they will all choose Red Lobster. Anyway, mom and dad treated us all to a deliscious meal.

062809-01 Red Lobster 062809-02 Red Lobster

At some point on Sunday, Robbie reached a milestone in his life. He was allowed to play pool and grandpa's pool table. That is a real coming of age thing! I guess 10 years old is the magic number? Not sure, because he was 10 when we were there in December too. But his dad wasn't there to help in December, maybe that was the deal... Anyway, a photo of the big event...

062809-05 Robbie learns from dad

And grandpa showing off...

062809-07 Grandpa gets fancy

On Monday, Rob flew back to Arkansas so that he could get back to work for the next two weeks while the kids and I stayed on in Arizona for an extended visit.

We did a number of things while in Arizona. A visit to grandma's always includes, trips to the donut shop, playing cards, lots of swimming, bubble baths in grandma's jetted tub, and an endless supply of M&M's, both plain and peanut. We also did a little shopping for kids clothes and such.

070209-03 Boys Bath Time 062809-06 Cards with Grandma 062909-01 Donuts 062809-08 Cousins Silky Party

On Thursday, July 2nd, it was my parents' 44th wedding anniversary. So the kids and I headed up to Curtis and Gennie's neck of the woods to go to their meeting, thus allowing mom and dad some alone time. The photo below was taken at that meeting. I do not know the name of the brother that is stealing a spot in the photo op, but I thought it was pretty funny.

Late Thursday, Charley's family arrived and we had a nice visit with the whole family that would include...

Friday afternoon, Gennie had a whole super awesome tea party for all the ladies (and girls). The boys (men are boys too) went to Peter Piper Pizza. Then on Saturday while all the family was there, we had some fun with a photo taking scavenger hunt. We could not, however, agree on a winning team, so I will just say here, that MY team ROCKED! Also, this weekend Gennie made a super awesome Cream Cheese Pound Cake that I believe she ended up making three times while we were visiting. It was that good!

On, Monday, July 6th, mom and I picked up a good friend of mine, Victoria Fachner at the light rail station in Mesa, Arizona. She spent the day by the pool with us and spent most of the night catching up on things with me. It was a good time. On Tuesday, we all went on one of mom's famous touring drives. She took us past Saguaro Lake and up to Fountain Hills and then on to deliver Victoria back home.

Rob flew back in on Friday night, July 10th and we drove out that night to head home. Our poor van had over 200,000 miles on it and I wanted my mechanic with me on the drive home for insurance that we would not break down. We drove all night Friday night so as to miss going through the Arizona desert and up steep hills in the heat of the day. It worked! We arrived in Oklahoma City on Saturday afternoon. We decided instead of driving all the way through and sleeping all day Sunday, we'd stop and drive in easily on Sunday instead. It was a wise move. We again stayed at a La Quinta. This one was brand spankin' new. They put us in the suite for the same price as the discount rate Rob usually gets on a regular room! WOO HOO! We took the kids to the pool that afternoon and then crashed. It was great!

On Sunday, we drove the rest of the way home, with no breakdown events to report! It was a fantastic vacation, but I was thrilled to be back home in my own comfy bed!

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