Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Vacation - Whirl Wind So. California!

062709-05 Kids at Oceanside Beach
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OK, try to follow me here...

On Friday, June 26, we left Ma & Pa's in the afternoon. Rob had been working on a plumbing project most of the day Thursday and some of the morning on Friday. It was quite a job, the family was very appreciative and we were glad Rob could help out since usually he is too far away to help when a situation as this arrises.

Since our Southern California time was cut short, we decided to try to fit it all in anyway... We drove as far as Tahachapi, California that night and stopped at the La Quinta. The room was fine and breakfast was OK. We got out right on schedule and arrived at my grandmother's home in Hesperia, California at 10:00 a.m. for a quick visit. She had small gifts for each of her great-grand children, as she always does. But can you believe I did not remember to take my camera out and get any pictures of any of us with my grandma!!! I'm not happy about this.

Anyway, we left there and drove south and met Charley and the twins (Amanda and Nick) for lunch at a McDonald's near Loma Linda. We wanted to meet Amanda and Nick for lunch just in case their jobs kept them from coming to grandma's house in Arizona later in our vacation.

After finishing lunch, we decided to drive on down to Charley's house in Murrieta and pick up Ceana to go with us to Oceanside to the beach.
062709-06 Ryan at Oceanside Beach 062709-08 Girls with Jasmine at Oceanside Beach
We drove to Oceanside, where we met Melissa and Jasmine for some quick fun on the beach. We were at the beach for about an hour and a half. The kids loved it! We will have to spend more time at the beach next year.

We then drove to Vista and went to Dairy Queen with them. YUM. When we left DQ, we were just around the corner from some other friends, Jeff and Gina Fluck. We figured we stop in real quick and say hello. When we stopped they and their boys were out in the pool. So all the kids (still in their suits from the beach) decided to get in the pool with their boys. So we stayed there for another hour or so. Again, I didn't get the camera out. IDIOT!

By this time, the girls (Ashlee, Aimee and their Cousin Ceana) had convinced the parents to have Ceana continue on with our family to Arizona so that they could spend more time together. So back to Murrieta we went to get a suit case that her parents packed for her.
062709-07 Girls in Water at Beach
We then drove on to Arizona, arriving at mom and dad's house at 4:30 a.m. WHEW! TIRED! But lots of fun fun memories were made in that day or so!

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