Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Vacation - Day Trip to San Francisco

Today our family took a day trip out to San Francisco area. We went across several bridges. We went a little ways up Highway 1, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. I remember the kids saying they were scared on the windy steep road. I commented that they should be happy that it was paved. I grew up riding in dad's jeep (or other four wheel vehicle) in some tight, steep, windy spots that were NOT paved and may even have some pretty hairy obstacles.

062509-03 Aimee and Ashlee No Cal Coast 062509-04 Robbie No Cal Coast 062509-08 San Francisco Coast

Back tracking a bit, when we were packing for vacation, my mother asked if we would be packing light jackets. I told her I didn't think they would be necessary, but Rob thought they would be a good idea too. So we put a light jacket in at least for each of the kids. This day would have been the perfect day for them. When we were on the cliffs at the coast the temperature was 52 degrees F. However, we had left said light jackets at Rob's parents' house where it was 100+ degrees F. Wise! And that would be the only time they were needed the entire three week vacation.

On our way up Highway 1, we stopped at a stand where a guy was selling produce and such and bought some cherries, apricots, pistachios and toffee almonds. YUM!

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