Monday, March 24, 2014

AZ Family Day

Since our body clocks are still two hours ahead the kids played and watched cartoons while waiting for grandma and grandpa to get up and around. 

Once everyone was up and around, mom and I took the kids for some traditional donuts at 19th Hole Donut shop while my dad and Rob took a look at the brakes on our van. (Ended up doing the pads and having the rotors turned. Good thing they looked!)

We then went shopping for new swim suits for a couple of the kids. Here is Ashlee's, Robbie's not one to model a suit. (But if you're curious you can check it out below in the swimming photo(s). 

Then we took the boys for some haircuts at Grandpa's favorite barber shop in town. 

Back at grandma and grandpa's house the kids did a little swimming in the chilly unheated pool! 

Check out the expression on Robbie's face. It says quite a bit about the temperature of the pool!

I didn't get anymore pictures on Sunday, but grandma and Aimee made it to her meeting in the afternoon while I napped and grandpa and daddy took a couple kids to Bass Pro Shop. Then we all went to meet Curtis, Gennie and Sailor for a yummy dinner at Portollo's which is a Chicago style place with beef sandwiches, Chicago dogs and hamburgers. Good food and nice family conversation. 

I promise some Disney updates are coming soon! We head to Disneyland area today (Monday)!

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