Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Great but busy day at DCA

From rope drop to getting on RSR was 47 mins. Stayed wide right as best we could. With how far back we were to begin with I felt we did good. For those with ECV they go throught the line to the ride. Strollers are easily stashed as you get to the ride. 

After our first RSR ride I went for FPs while the others ride the smaller Cars Land rides. The line for FPs was extremely long and switched back several times. But it went fast and we got tickets for 7:05pm.

We are a large group and thereforeoved very slow. But with early arrival and FPs we were still able to manage all the main rides except TSMM, GRR & mickeys fun wheel. Those will be priorities for Thursday. 

The kids and some of the grown ups did the little bumper cars in bugs land. Most of us saw It's tough to be a bug movie. For lunch we went to the Pacific Wharf area and had bread bowl soups. Very tasty and a good value. We rode Soarin with FPs and walked around to Paradise Pier and the kids rode the zephyr, swings, Goofy's and jumpin Jelly fish. For dinner we had the Mexican food back over at the wharf. Then we split a bit and we took the kids back over and the littler ones did goofy and the big ones did the swings. We all met up for our second RSR ride, then rode Screamin with FPs and last Tower of Terror with FPs. The longest line all day was the first RSR ride. And the park was the busiest I've ever experienced. So I felt for our size group and pace we did great. Made lots of good memories. 

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