Monday, December 23, 2013

1st night, RAIN!!!

After we got to our room and got things organized we rested a little bit. It was raining and looking at the weather appeared it would be for quite some time. Originally I thought we'd explore the French Quarter and Bourbon street a little. Didn't have any real set plans. We exited our hotel and I got on yelp to find something close that didn't require a reservation. Saw Mothers. I had heard of that so we headed over there. Rob ordered the seafood gumbo and I ordered the Ferdi special poboy. We each got a soda. I think the total was about $28. It was pretty good but I'm not racing back. 

We decided we wanted some kind of dessert to go with our Mascato from Robert Mondavi Winery we had back at the room. Got on yelp again and ended up at a candy and ice cream place. I think called Mrs Apples. Picked out a few candies and headed back to the room. It started pouring! The bag our candies was in was disintegrating in my hands. I had to use both hands to strategically hold it together until we got to our room. The candies that we are that night were tasty. The chocolate covered strawberries were good with the wine we picked up on our Spring trip to Northern California.

I forgot, between Mothers and Apples we went into Harrahs Casino. It was dry and warm and had public relief stations. Typical Casino atmosphere with a New Orleans twist in the decor. 

It didn't take us long to pass out. 2:30 am was early that morning and we were tired wet rats. 

Here are a couple of pictures I took on our trolley ride down Canal Street coming from the train station to our hotel. We loved the architecture. The history here is so diverse. More on that later. 

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