Sunday, December 22, 2013

Arrive, 1st Street Car Experience

We got into NOLA station about 1 hr 15 mins late. We had checked bags and waited a bit for those. Enough time for each of the two of us to make a quick relief stop. After we got our bags we decided to take the street car to our hotel. We needed change. Waited at the desk for change (tried the gift shop lady was grouchy. No change.) Amtrak agent was friendly, helpful and gave change. The UPT street car was about 24 mins off schedule but that worked to our advantage. 

It arrived. Driver was helpful to make sure we were headed in the correct direction. He changed the direction of the seats and we were off. For a moment. Then we got stuck. Had to return to go. Not sure what all happened but we were off after maybe 5 or so mins. 

Now we are headed to our hotel, Hilton New Orleans Riverside. We will have about a block to walk from the street car. I bet I'll be wishing we didn't give the kids the rolling luggage. 

Here a couple pics I snapped on arrival. 

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