Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A little snack and warmup

After the tour we walked around the square and looked at local artists work. 

These boys has aluminum cans on the bottom of their shoes and they were doing a sort of tap or clog type thing.

Still very cold and having not had any food besides beneigts we decided to duck into an oyster sports bar place and get a beer and some appetizers to hold us over until cooking school time. 

Rob had the bacon wrapped oysters. They were lightly fried and smothered with a crawfish sauce that Rob raved about. I had a tase and although I don't usually go for oysters it was pretty good. 

I had a southern egg roll thing. It was good but I felt it was similar to a Chili's dish. Not super special. But sufficient. 

When we finished up here we did a little more window shopping while we killed time waiting for cooking school. 

This next feature of our trip is a highlight for sure! New Orleans School of Cooking on St Louis St. This is a must do if you've never been! Our class was a demonstration of how to make Gumbo, Jambalaya, and Pralines. Our instructor was Big Kevin and he was perfect. Funny and informative.

After class we picked up a few spices in their shop so that we can attempt to replicate these dishes at home. Oh and a box of Pralines. My new drug of choice. They are sitting on the bedside table calling my name now!

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