Monday, December 23, 2013

First full day starts with Cafe du Monde

We got some good sleep and got out and about by 7:30 or so. My original plan was to catch the riverside street car down to Jackson Square. But we hadn't come prepared with enough cash. We found our bank ATM in a hotel lobby of all places. Then zigzagged back thinking we catch the street car. Didn't know when it would come. Walked in some circles trying to figure out the whole street car thing. Finally decided to just walk it. Lesson learned. Just walk. Street cars are fun to ride and see things but not very easy to budget time with. 

Anyway, we finally got here and there were plenty of tables. Sat down and had the usual beignets and cafe au lait. It was warm and filling. But been there done that now.

1 comment:

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