Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another trip!

Time to break out the blog to post some updates. Today we took the kids to Little Rock to the airport and sent them off to visit my family in Arizona. After we left Rob said something like, "That kid-a-pult sure works good." Made me laugh. 

After we left the airport we decided to check a couple more Arkansas State Parks off our list. We went to two that were not too far a drive from the airport. I didn't take pictures at either one. It poured rain all day. 

When we were at Toltec Mounds we asked for a lunch stop recommendation. They sent us here:

This old merchantile building was turned into a restaurant. They didn't take anything off the walls first. Here is a picture of the wall by us. 

The food was great! And the service was very speedy. They had things on the menu like Fried Green Tomatoes (which Rob loved), Fried Pickles (we didn't try), hand battered and fried Onion Rings, Country Fried Steak, Hamburger Steak smothered in onions and brown gravy (which I saw on someone's plate and looked delish) and Cheeseburgers. Evidently they have been featured on Man vs Food for their Hubcap Cheeseburger. We opted for the normal Cheeseburger which was plenty big and meaty, seasoned perfectly. The children's burger was called the Lug Nut.

Didn't get pictures of the food. Devoured it too quickly. Oh their Sweet Tea was perfect too. 

Definitely recommend unless you are scared of a dusty very aged building that is drafty and quirky. It's not a ritzy place by any stretch of the imagination.

After lunch we decided to head home so that we'd be home before dark to do the kids barn chores. That didn't turn out as planned. I forgot to stop for gas and realized it when I was about midpoint in the boondocks. We ran out! AAA took about 2 1/2 hours. Meanwhile it was still raining and the road behind us was filling with water we started to fear the service guy wouldn't get to us before they closed the road. He did. But it was dark when we got home. Oh well. 

A trip to Wally World for train snacks and now we are ready to sleep until our 2:30 am alarm. Off to New Orleans tomorrow!

I didn't proof read that and I'm not going to. I'm too sleepy!

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