Sunday, December 22, 2013

We made it onto the Train!

The trip from home to Memphis was fairly  tame. There were however quite a few animals on the roadway at 4 am. We started with a rabbit running across the road as we left the house. Further up the road we missed a possum lumbering slowly off the road. Probably the most exciting were the two dogs. I saw the first one and gradually made my way left around him, only to immediately come to his friend that was on the left. So I screamed and did a bit of a zig zag move. Not as wise as probably should have been. But no live beings were injured and we stayed on the road. Later after we got into Jonesboro, two deer jetted out and crossed the road. That was it for the safari portion of this trip I think. 

When we arrived at the Memphis station it was still closed. They open at 5:45. That was only about 10 mins wait. Then we entered to these awesome and authentic train station benches!

Our train was about 45 minutes late but the meeting of our train mates ensued and the wait wasn't bad. 

We board the train here a couple of awful photos. One my view on the train the other a horrible selfie of Rob and me. 

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