Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Last morning

Our last morning in New Orleans. I was glad I had done some research ahead of time because there was very little open on Christmas Day. We walked over to the French Quarter and breakfast at Cafe Fluer de Lis. Cute little cafe, good service, decent food, great coffee with real cream. 

I had the Big Easy breakfast because I wasn't sure what I wanted and it had it all. I couldn't get it all on one pic without doing a pano. 

Sausage and hash browns were eh but edible. Everything else was good. I liked how they browned the biscuit. 

Rob chose the Farmer's omelette but told the waiter he wanted the cow and the pig too. So it had a bunch of veggies and ham and cheese. It was very tasty.

After breakfast they brought me a to go cup full of coffee and we strolled through a very quiet French Quarter. We enjoyed looking in shop windows, it didn't matter if they weren't open - jewelry and antiques weren't in the budget for this trip!

We say this chandelier in the lobby of the W hotel. It made us think of my brother and our daughter, our favorite trumpet players. 

After our little stroll it was back to the hotel to pack up for our trip back. 

We are back on board Amtrak now and left right on time. Maybe freight trains don't run on Xmas and we can get back to Memphis on time. :) We are scheduled to arrive at 10 pm. I have to work tomorrow and we have an almost two hour drive home. 

Really enjoyed our trip. Will be nice to be home in our own bed tonight. Although the be at the Hilton Riverside was not uncomfortable at all.

Did I post pics of the view from our room? Here is a daytime and one at night with the moon. iPhone pics not great. But you get the idea. We had a river view. 

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