Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More street cars, Garden District, Cemetary

Took three different street cars to get over to the Garden District. 

Below is the St Charles St car. This is the line that goes to the Garden District.

We got off on Jackson and walked to Washington and turned left. We took a few pictures of homes and the tree lined streets. 

After we turned left on Washington, we walked down to the Cemetary and wondered around a bit. We had learned a little about how the graves in the area work. The graves are all above ground due to the high water table. We also over-heard a few details from on going tours in the Cemetary. It was interesting to hear how they worked.

After we left the Cemetary we came across a few trees with no bark. At first we thought it was a dead tree. But since there were several of them and it is winter we aren't sure. 

Now we are in our room resting again. We will head out later to find some dinner and see what else we can get into on our last night. 

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